Radio Bumper!

Audio Assignment:

Create a ds106 radio bumper (Does not count towards stars)

For this assignment we had to make a radio bumper for ds106. I decided to dress it up in a little noir. I know 20’s music isn’t exactly noir music but I think it fits the theme quite nicely. I used the song ‘Bang Bang’ by because I really liked how he mixed the 20’s music with music form this decade.

For this assignment I used Audacity. I already had the music file in my library. I cut what I wanted from the song and recorded my voice over the part I needed. I then used the echo edit to end the bumper.

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  1. This actually sounded like something you’d hear on an everyday radio station. I was anticipating some songs coming on after, but remembered this is only a bumper. Great job with making this very appealing to the ears. I’ve never heard that song, but I liked how you incorporated a musician who intends to capture music styles from the past. You used it to your advantage and made it fun to listen to. Great job!

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