Houston, We Have A Problem

Audio Assignment:

Who Called? 4★

Detective Longs got into a little trouble the other day. He decided that a cat needed to be saved from a tree. As soon as he climbed up the tree guess what happened. Yep. The cat hissed at Longs and gracefully made his way down the tree and sashayed off. So when I called for Longs to come down from the tree he looks at me and goes, “I’m stuck” and after I cursed him out like a proper Masshole, I called Callaghan to help come get him down. Unfortunately, he didn’t answer. This is the resulting message…

For this assignment I used Audacity to record the message. I also used the FreeSound website to get the sound effects of the telephone ringing and the message beep. I exported and uploaded the file to SoundCloud and embedded it into this post.

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