I Ain’t Going Nowhere

Web Assignment:

Character Resume 3.5★

For this assignment we had to make a resume for a character. I chose this assignment because this week is pretty much all about introducing our characters story, and I thought that giving a resume was something that could really add to my character’s background. It was a really simple thing to do, but I really enjoyed doing it. I did some research for the area of South Boston, where Emma lives, and now I kind of want to live there.

The way I incorporated other student’s characters was in the activities section of the resume. I added that she was the member of the Tune Squad which consists of Geoffrey Cunningham, and Detective Longs.


I wrote the entire resume in Microsoft word. There I hit a snag. I wanted the resume to appear exactly how it does in Word, but I couldn’t figure out how to do so. So what I did was copy the word document into paint and saved it as a picture. Then I could upload it to flicker and embed it into this post. That way it looks just like how I typed it.

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