What May Or May Not Be On Emma’s Car

Design Assignment:

Bumper Sticker 3.5

For this assignment we were supposed to make a bumper sticker. All I could think about when I saw this assignment was Forrest Gump and the the part where he comes up with the slogan “S*** happens”. Forrest Gump is one of my favorite movies so I know I had to do this assignment.

I though about what I could possible make into a bumper sticker when I remembered that 6 of the stars had to be for our character. I thought “Why not do something that Emma would have on her car?” I figured she loves her job so much I should come up with something about being a forensic technician. It took a couple of days but I finally came up with this…

My Bumper Sticker

I actually really love this bumper sticker. Ever since I was young I’ve always had this weird obsession with pirates. This phrase just kind out appeared in my mind out of nowhere and I knew I had to use it.

Honestly, if I ever became a forensic technician I would definitely get this for my car. It’s just too good to pass up.

For this assignment I used paint for the whole thing. I used two different text boxes where I made the top saying black ink and the bottom white ink. I then inverted the background colors like the example on the assignment page. I chose the colors black and white because those are the main colors of a pirate’s flag.

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  1. Good solutions. I couldn’t get my head around bumper sticker and found it difficult so passed and went to find something else. Doing this for your character was smart! It also tells us all more about who Emma is. Nice work.

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