Who Do You Think You Are?

Web Assignment:

Buzzfeed Personality Quiz 3★

So now that the agency’s website is up and running, I thought ‘Why not make a personality quiz?’ The easiest way to make one of those was on the Buzzfeed website. So I singed up and made my first quiz. It was pretty easy picking out the three question I wanted to use. Humor, work, and the seasons of the year are pretty important to the Tune Squad, so it was only fitting that those were the categories. So please, go ahead and take the quiz and see which member of the Tune Squad you are!

For this assignment I signed up for Buzzfeed with my character’s email. Then I created a new personality quiz and added three questions with three possible answers with all of them corresponding with our group’s characters. I then published the quiz on the Buzzfeed website.


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