Talking To A Stranger

The other day I was walking through the park with my dogs. I saw this old man sitting on one of the benches looking lonely. I decided to get my dogs a break and sat down next to him. We started talking and I asked him why he was in the park today. He told me that him and his wife went to that park everyday since she found out she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I though that is so sweet, but then I realized he was alone and she wasn’t with him anymore. I told him I was sorry for his loss, and he goes, “What loss, she just went to go get us an ice cream cone.”

I read this little story on a joke site. It’s not too hilarious, but funny enough to put a little smile on my face. I thought it was going to end a lot worse then how it did. The love of older couples make me happy. Knowing that they have been together for so long. Sticking with each other through thick and thin. Who knew there were people out there that are still like that. Who knew you could actually find happiness in this horrible world.

Too bad one day it must come to a horrifying end.


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  1. I like that the fact that even though the automatic response in that proposed situation was to feel sadness, that the actual situation can be better than the perceived one. This was a great short story!

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