Tune Squad Episode 2

So this is our first video of the Tune Squad.

Monday was our filming day. Geoffrey was kind enough to grab a very high def camera to film our video. He set up the cameras at all the shots. We walked around campus looking for good places to set up our murder scene. We started the job around 2pm and finished in a couple of hours.

We took two shots of almost all the scenes. It helped because we had a lot of bloopers. We also shot from different camera angles too. This helped us get different perspectives throughout the whole video.

In the end it was Geoffry that put that edited the whole video together. He is a God send to the Tune Squad. The man knows his way around editing programs.

Anyways, here is the final project. I had a great time working on it with my Squad members, and I hope you all enjoy the show.

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  1. Entertaining. Lots of connections and love the humor. As a group you show that it takes a team and everyone has a part to make the whole. Congrats. I am now going to watch again to see what I missed the first time!

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