Brainstorming Power!

I would love to talk about how the noir feel transfers from text to film.
A few things we could talk about would be:

  • What we thought was better, the text or film?
  • How did audio help the film?
  • How did extra information besides dialogue help the text?
  • How did we feel in certain scenes of both the text and film?
    • Were they different feelings?
  • How different was the text to the film?
  • Did any visual things help the noir feel in the film that you couldn’t get from text?
  • Did you picture the characters the way the film portrays them?

These are some of the questions I came up with. I feel like there could be so much more, and that this idea is a really good one. It allows us to talk about all the different aspects of noir in different forms.

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  1. I think you almost have too many topics to fit into one radio show! lol so many good ideas! The one that stands out to me is the different feelings that you would get between the text and the film. I’m curious to see how these feelings may be intensified, diminished, or even altered in another way. From these last few weeks, I have definitely learned that audio and visual aspects can greatly change and increase the mood and tone of a story!

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