How One Daily Create Became An Inspiration

So for my first inspired post I turned to Kassia Rivera. I remembered a post she did for a daily create for a before and after picture.

She was able to convince her roommate to help her out with this. She first took a photo of her roommate in “normal” clothing and then took an after picture in some “crazy” clothing.


The reason this post caught my eye was because in the second photo she has a Toothless plush doll in her shirt. I’m really obsessed with How To Train Your Dragon, the movie that Toothless comes from. So then after I was done having a panic attack and trying to find where I could get one, I went back through the picture just to see what else had changed.

That’s when I realized that Kassia had really taken this assignment and ran with it. She had put a hat on her roommates head that doesn’t look like something she would wear, There was a random scarf thrown over that hat. I’m pretty sure she’s wearing the sweatshirt the wrong way, and there is a HUGE gummy bear in her hand.

This is definitely a before and after picture. While others might have done a before and after like “right after I get out of bed” vs. “right after I get ready for the day”, Kassia decided to take it a step further. She did “normal” vs. “crazy” and her imagination really captivated me and inspired me to take it one step further with my assignments!

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  1. I thought this was an interesting post to choose because when I saw the picture I immediately recognized it from the daily create page. It was indeed very creative and she did go above and beyond on that daily create, good choice!

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