No One Ever Gets Over The First Unfairness

This week is over and it seems like it’s been a long one, even though we didn’t have to do much at all.

What did I learn?

I learned a lot about how to read a movie. Honestly I didn’t think that most of the rules that photographers used filmmakers also use. Once I started to read about all the rules of angles and positions of the characters, everything from my photography class came back to me. It was a good refresher and I really enjoyed watching the movie and doing a video essay about it.

What was harder than you thought it would be?

Again, the daily creates (1,2) killed me. I don’t know why I keep forgetting about them. I really need to put and reminder on my computer to do them. But I didn’t stress when I remembered I still had one more to do. I actually really enjoyed the last one of the week.

What was easier?

Getting together with my group to go over the video project was easy. Bouncing ideas off of each other was even easier because we all could agree what to do for the project. We all ended up giving good ideas that were great for our video and we can’t wait to start making them. We were so good with our radio show I can only imagine it getting better.

What drove you crazy?

Nothing really drove me crazy. It was a pretty smooth week.

What did you really enjoy?

I really enjoyed just about everything this week. Except for those stupid daily creates!!!

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